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Dr. Steve Vasilev

Next Level Robotic Endometriosis Excision Surgery & Personalized Integrative Holistic Healing!

America’s First & Only Triple Board Certified Integrative Minimally Invasive Pelvic Surgeon

Focusing on Complex Robotic Endometriosis Excision, Endo-Related Cancers, Ovarian Cancer, Ovarian Cysts & Pelvic Masses


Patient-centered holistic care is embodied in the core philosophies of integrative medicine, combining the best of mainstream and natural support. You owe it to yourself to discover science-supported integrative healing.


Believe in yourself, reach for the best, and strive for the "cure".  We combine science-based options for best results, including advanced surgical, medical mainstream, natural, complementary and supportive.


Advanced personalized robotically assisted surgery helps you go home, recover and get back to life much faster. Even individualized advanced stage radical excision and reconstruction surgery is possible with robotic technology. 


Miraculous “cures” are not honest, but patient-centered integrative holistic philosophy does include the best proven and scientifically plausible natural & complementary support to help you thrive in survivorship!



Beating your disease and minimizing recurrence mandates teamwork. This MUST be based on a trusted relationship between YOU, your doctor and their support team. Everyone is different and YOU are an individual who deserves individual focus and attention in creating a total or “wholistic” or “holistic” integrative plan. This plan depends on your individual situation and considers you as a total human being, not as a disease. It may require surgery, with or without mainstream medical therapy, with natural complementary support.

More About Endometriosis
More About Related Cancers


Minimally Invasive Robotic Endo Excision Surgery

Robotically assisted complex surgery means rapid recovery. As a next-level expert robotic surgeon, Dr. Vasilev has performed so many that he teaches these procedures and treats the most difficult cases. 

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Personalized Total Treatment Planning

Medical care should be “all about you” and not just “all about the disease”. Integrative medicine combines the best mainstream and complementary options for optimal patient centered care.

Minimally Invasive Robotic Ovarian Cancer Surgery

Pelvic masses and cancer usually require surgery as part of the plan. Dr. Vasilev has extensive expertise in treating even advanced cancers with minimally invasive robotic surgery. 


Research based guidelines point to the best therapy, but everyone is different. It’s critical to avoid “cookie cutter” medicine. A personalized multi-disciplinary treatment plan is crucial for the best results.

Clinical & Translational Research Trials 

Professor Vasilev and his team is looking at miRNA and related molecular signatures for early diagnosis, treatment and follow-up. 

Nutrition & Complementary Support Counselling

Why worry, guess & wonder what the best natural cancer support options are? Let Dr Vasilev guide you to what is proven or at least plausible and safe. You don’t have time to risk on bogus hype junk!


For Endometriosis Patients

For Pelvic Mass & Cancer Patients


“Dr. Vasilev is the kind of doctor you can trust with your life. In September 2006 I was told I had a very aggressive form of ovarian cancer and six months to live. My husband and I were overwhelmed, confused, terrified, and seeking a cure for my ovarian cancer. Then we met Dr. Vasilev, and we have never looked back. Doctor Vasilev immediately put our minds at rest, he gave us a direction, introduced us to all our options and guided us through the decision making process making himself available through office visits, emails, and phone calls to answer all our questions. Doctor Vasilev has seen us through six recurrences in eight years. Each time he has been innovative in his way of thinking, and applies his arsenal of knowledge in developing his treatment plans. He integrates western and alternative medicine using the best of both to ensure that his patients handle their diagnosis with the best possible care and whenever possible, that they recover healthier, wiser, and better informed than before their diagnosis. I wish that every cancer patient could have a Dr. Vasilev in their corner.”


“Dr. V was the only physician with a different approach to my diagnosis in the beginning, and I trusted him. Thank you for your constant guidance over the past 7 years. You have supported me with difficult chemo choices (going off Kaiser protocol for Avastin ’08) and choosing ‘outside the box’ therapies. You have performed difficult surgeries and continue to support me in pursuing additional therapies needed to keep me going on this journey. And my family….we are constantly reassured to have you by our side.”


“Quite literally this man saved my life many times over. Through thick and thin he never gave up on me, including expertly performed difficult surgeries to get through my multiply recurrent ovarian cancer over the last 15 years.”.

(NB Addendum by Dr Vasilev: Unfortunately cancer ultimately claimed her life after 18 years of battling with it. She enjoyed life to the fullest and was one of the most upbeat people I have ever known. She helped many overcome fears of treatment and the disease and was simply a fantastic person. It was an honor to know her and to be her doctor. May she rest in peace.)


“DrSteve is an understated, compassionate person. Fourteen years ago after being told a third ovarian cancer surgery (OC) was impossible I was introduced to DrSteve in California by another OC survivor. He thoroughly evaluated my medical history, health, scans and labs and gave me confidence surgery would be successful. DrSteve’s surgery saved my life at that time which allowed me to witness the birth of eight grandchildren through the years.”.


“Dr Vasilev’s superior skill is matched by his willingness to spend as long as it takes to explain things, his compassion and great bedside manner. He skillfully carried out very complicated surgery when required and steered me away from it when it was not. The end result is that I’m alive 12 years later, including the ovarian cancer recurrence scare about 6 years ago. Over the past decade he has also introduced integrative natural health guidance into his practice which has made the overall treatment package that he can deliver better than anyone else out there. It has been a blessing and a great privilege to have Dr. Vasilev as my Doctor. Without him, I wouldn’t be here to write this.”


“I am a 48 year old mother and a 2x Cervical Cancer survivor. I have been in full remission for 14 years after distant recurrence. I am so grateful for my life today and I attribute my amazing and fulfilled life to Dr. Steven Vasilev. He was so instrumental in the success of my radical hysterectomy done laparoscopically and has been by my side every single step of the way for all these years. I am always able to rely on him for anything I need to maintain a cancer free lifestyle. His knowledge, understanding and expertise on all facets of clinical trials, current chemotherapy drugs as well as his resources and knowledge of Eastern vs. Western medicine has been astounding and well respected. To have Dr. Vasilev as part of my continued excellent health is beyond what I could have imagined when I was originally diagnosed. He proves over and over again how very fortunate I am every day to be living life to the fullest, cancer free!”



Doctor” is derived from Latin “docere’, meaning “to teach”. Today’s doctors are healers, but they must also be teachers in order to guide you to health.

Dr. Vasilev focuses on women’s health, specifically on endometriosis and gynecologic oncology healing using research driven diagnostics, state-of-the-art therapies including advanced surgery, medical therapy, and biologicals. This is all personalized with patient-centered holistic complementary natural support and teaching.

As a teacher, Dr. Vasilev also reaches out to countless others seeking rational integrative answers online, addressing questions about nutrition, supplements and “alternative” treatment truths and fallacies. Integrative medicine truly brings together the best in mainstream research-driven therapy, complementary support strategies and best possible “alternative” natural choices. During treatment and in survivorship you must do your part to support your “anti-disease” body to make it as hard as possible for disease to grow back, whether it be endo or cancer.

Dr. Vasilev, a triple board certified cancer and endometriosis surgeon, author, researcher, Loma Linda Professor (former at UCLA, USC and UCI) and physician who is listed as a Southern California "Super Doctor" and in “Best Doctors” for over 20 years running, comprehensively guides you on your journey and in survivorship as a healer and teacher.


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