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Cancer Cureology: The Ultimate Survivor's Holistic Guide: Integrative, Natural, Anti-Cancer Answers: The Science And Truth

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21st Century Patient-Centered Cutting Edge Integrative Comprehensive Cancer Care vs. Old School Cancer Treatment The Choice Is Obvious. Cancer Cureology introduces a new 21st-century integrative paradigm of cancer care where you are at the center of attention, not cancer by itself. While cancer treatment almost always requires some combination of Western techniques, it is equally important to actively support the body, mind, and soul during and after treatment. These mainly natural strategies are crucial to prevent cancer, to reduce symptoms during and after treatment, and to proactively do everything possible to help prevent recurrence. Cancer Cureology is not a book focused simply on "alternative medicine." It is MUCH BETTER and much more far-reaching than that because it is a compilation of what is leading edge and what is most likely to help you! It is the background information for a five step anti-cancer integrative treatment and support system. Cancer Cureology explores the scientific evidence to get at the truth behind natural therapies. 21st-century sciences such as epigenetics, nutrigenomics, and immune modulation form the basis for collaboration between mainstream and natural anti-cancer strategies.


  • The keys behind natural anti-cancer strategies

  • Reducing pro-carcinogenic inflammation and oxidative stress to anti-cancerize your body

  • Reducing tumor angiogenesis to starve cancers for nutrients and oxygen

  • Balancing hormonal influences to limit cancer progression

  • Stimulating and optimizing innate and adaptive immunity to naturally attack cancer cells

  • Epigenetically "silencing" cancer stem cells to make them dormant

  • The five steps to achieving these strategies

  • Baseline anti-cancer nutrition and super-food support

  • Targeted supplementation

  • Psychoneuroimmunology and mind-body stress reduction

  • Rational anti-cancer detoxification

  • Lifestyle modification and exercise

  • Selected "alternative" therapies that have scientific support

  • Natural cancer and treatment-related symptom management

  • And much more...

    Cancer Cureology is indispensable to anyone who wants to survive and thrive after a cancer diagnosis. It can also help anyone who wants to prevent cancer in the first place.


    MD MBA FACOG FACS FACN ABIHM ABOIM, America's first and leading triple board certified integrative gynecologic oncologist.

    Dr. Steven A. Vasilev MD is also:

  • Clinical Professor, Loma Linda School of Medicine

  • Medical Director & Professor, Integrative Medicine

  • Providence Saint John's Health Center and Cancer Institute

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