Dr Vasilev is available for speaking and interviews. Please contact us through the contact form on this site.

Talking points are:

Dr Steven Vasilev is the only physician in the United States quadruple board certified in women’s health (ObGyn), gynecologic oncology and integrative & holistic medicine. He can speak on all topics in this very broad range of expertise, which is further expanded by real-world marketing and business expertise and an MBA from UCLA.

Professor Vasilev’s surgical skills are unparalleled, from minimally invasive/robotic surgery to extensive radical resection and reconstruction of the gynecologic organs, intestinal, genito-urinary tract, and vaginal/vulvar area using special skin and/or muscle, fat and skin flap reconstruction techniques.  The reason for this broader expertise than most gynecologic oncologists is a very intensive high volume fellowship, additional years of training exposure in a general surgical oncology environment and unrestricted privileges in a broad spectrum of areas not normally bestowed on gynecologic surgeons, over a period of 24 years. He has personally trained over 50 younger generation gynecologic oncologists at three different universities. He can speak and any and all topics related to surgical advances.

Dr Vasilev has been involved in running clinical research trials since 1977, which means over 35 years of experience in helping you choose the best cutting edge therapies

Professor Vasilev is a published author many times over in the scientific and public media as well as an author/editor of a major textbook and a lay book on integrative oncology.

Dr Vasilev is trained in lean/six sigma and has extensive experience in process improvement and program building in the community and within organizations, focusing on health care, education and research

Dr Vasilev’s CV is available upon request.