ovariancancerThis is a series of seven videos about Ovarian Cancer management from the City of Hope and NCCN, presented by a former colleague of mine, Dr Robert Morgan, who was Chairman of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Ovarian Cancer Guidelines Working Group until his untimely recent passing. We worked closely together when I was Director of Gynecologic Oncology at the City of Hope. Please watch all seven videos as they cover the important treatment features. All are short and transition/follow each other. KEEP WATCHING!

After completing the video please READ the NCCN Ovarian Cancer synopsis right below the videos. It contains ALL the standard of care information, from A to Z,  you need to know !

  • Video #1: The best care providers for ovarian cancer
  • Video #2: Approaches to treatment
  • Video #3: Recurrent ovarian cancer treatment
  • Video #4: Progress in newly diagnosed ovarian cancer
  • Video #5: New approaches to treatment
  • Video #6: Importance of early diagnosis
  • Video #7: Staging of ovarian cancer

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Options

Excellent overview from the City of Hope, an NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, located in Duarte, CA.

For more information : NCCN.ORG

Ovarian Cancer Treatment Overview : Surgery to Chemo to New Options

Presented by Dr Oliver Dorigo who is now Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Stanford. I am proud to have worked with Dr Dorigo as one of our fellows in training and then as a colleague at UCLA. He is a brilliant scientific mind.



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