CervicalCancerThis is a series of SIX videos about Cervical Cancer diagnosis and management from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. I picked this series of videos because it covers the basics and is state of the art. All are short and transition/follow each other. KEEP WATCHING!

After completing the video please READ the Cervical Cancer synopsis right below the videos. It contains ALL the standard of care information, from A to Z, you need to know ! There is often more to cervical cancer treatment than surgery alone, and sometimes the preferred treatment up front is radiation and chemotherapy.

  • Video #1: Screening and diagnosis of cervical cancer
  • Video #2: Surgery for cervical cancer
  • Video #3: Fertility and gynecologic cancers
  • Video #4: HPV vaccine and cervical cancer
  • Video #5: Clinical Trials and gynecologic cancers
  • Video #6: Robotic surgery for gynecologic cancers

Cervical Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment

Excellent overview from MSKCC, an NCI Designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, located in New York

The link BELOW is to the NCCN Cervical Cancer Treatment Guidelines, which you can read online, save or print: NCCN Cervical Cancer Guidelines

For more information : NCCN.ORG

The following series of SEVEN videos are specifically about robotic surgery in cervical cancer, among other cancers. The points they bring up are very important in understanding the surgery, where you should have it done and why. Please watch them all as they follow each other.

Cervical Cancer Robotic Surgery

Excellent overview from Swedish Hospital, a leader in robotic surgery in their region in the Seattle area.


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