Alternative medicineThese are the basics and it takes a couple of hours of video to cover. The biochemistry, epigenetics and nutrigenomics of micro-nutrient supplementation is EXTREMELY complex and often has to be tailored to individuals. It is easy to get carried away with details and “more is better”, which is not true. Also, keep in mind that the World Cancer Research Foundation, in a VERY extensive review, recommends that all nutrients come from food. The reason for this is Mother Nature is smarter than nutriceutical manufacturers. A nutrient filled whole food diet is the best baseline, beyond which some tweaking MAY be beneficial, rather than a baseline poor diet supplemented with nutriceuticals.

Supplements in Cancer

Dr Abrams, an integrative oncologist and colleague in this field covers supplement use in cancer.

Supplements : Evidence Based Approach

This video covers the evidence covering supplements in cancer prevention and support of patients with cancer.

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