Superfood dietRather than re-inventing the wheel by creating yet another video on this topic of nutrition in cancer, I have hand picked these videos for you. They are from reputable resources and you will see overlap in what they all say, because they are reviewing the same existing published research which forms the basis for the principles covered.  This is crucial information for your survivorship because of the overlap of the following key areas : epigenetics, nutrigenomics, cancer stem cells.

The following four videos cover over four hours of valuable information regarding the truths and myths of nutrition in cancer. There are of course additional viewpoints out there, but these should give you a very strong background in understanding the scientific realities of the power of nutrition in fighting and preventing cancer. Other posts on this site cover some more aggressive investigational approaches in nutrition but a solid base diet in fighting cancer will get you at least 80% of the way to your goal.

Nutrition and Cancer

Dr. Abrams is an integrative oncology colleague, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of nutrition in cancer integrative care.

Cancer Nutrition: Myths, Controversies, Realities

This is a very good overview of the reality vs. the myths of nutritional intervention.

Cancer and Nutrition: Controversies

This video from Stanford delineates prudent approaches in cancer treatment and also outlines the controversies

Nutrition and Beyond: Anti-Cancer Modalities

Dr. David Servan-Schreiber discusses the AntiCancer Integrative approaches he researched and used personally in his battle against brain cancer.

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