Dollarphotoclub_71092862ExerciseThe importance of scheduled exercise in cancer therapy and survivorship is very understated and misunderstood. Take heed as this can make all the difference.  This is not just advice about “it’s kinda healthy”.  This is about cancer fighting cytokine cascades that are triggered on a molecular level that can epigenetically and metabolically modify your chance for longterm survivorship,  possibly by influencing cancer stem cells.  The mechanism of action is not important to memorize.  What is the critically important takeaway here is that regular exercise can help you beat your cancer.

Beat Cancer with Exercise : Physical Therapy Tips

Part of Johns Hopkins Complementary Integrative Oncology Program is a range of exercise therapies. Here is an overview of what it can do for you and some tips. It is BEST to involve a certified trainer or physical therapist, and obtain doctor’s approval.

Exercise Tips in Cancer Survivorship

Memorial Sloan Kettering video by a clinical nurse specialist in fitness. This video targets survivors mostly but many of the tips are applicable to patients in therapy as well.

Exercise Benefits in Cancer Patients

A medical oncologist and a fitness trainer have a very indepth dialog about the varied and extensive benenfits of exercise in beating cancer, minimizing depression and anxiety and so much more.

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