Welcome to my site. I put it online to add to our discussions in person about mainstream and natural support integrative anti-cancer strategies. There are a lot of resources here and I add to them daily to help you. If you have special requests, drop a note to me HERE or tell me about it during your office visits.

Please keep in mind that this is a personally owned site and has no relationship to or sponsorship by my partners or employers, past, present or future. So, please address any concerns or suggestions you may have directly with me.

If you have not visited with me yet, allow me to introduce my team.  First of all, I work with two other gynecologic oncologists : Dr Scott Lentz and Dr Allison Axtell.  Both are excellent and we have worked together for many years.  This means that even if I were absent for some reason at any point (e.g. vacation), you have someone to reach out to.  Please note that they are not integrative oncologists per se, as I see everyone in the practice related to that aspect of care.

We are all part of the teaching faculty for a residency program and the UCLA Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship program.  That is part of the reason I am a Professor at UCLA and can offer state of the art considerations and options.  Being involved in teaching and research keeps one on top of the latest advances.  So, while you will interface with our residents and fellows, you can rest assured that the decision-making all stems from the faculty.   They are there to hone their skills while helping get answers to your questions, getting prescriptions out and tests ordered MUCH faster than if it were left up to the faculty due to simple logistics.  You get timely personalized care and get as much time with me as you need, but please understand that they are here to help facilitate all aspects of your care.

Last but not least we have a wonderful and highly skilled group of nurses who are really there for you in your care process.   This includes a very personal touch to chemotherapy, which is provided in our office area infusion center.

I am committed to work with you in treatment as well as beyond in survivorship.

Kind Regards,
Dr Vasilev

N.B. Everything on this site is obviously free for you to use. You may see resource links to various other websites which may be connected to advertisements for other resources or products. I provide this as a general consideration and do not have any control over other sites or products. Please take up any issues you may have with other sites directly with them.